Sustainability in our workshop


Just throw everything away and replace it with new parts? That has never been our company philosophy. On the one hand in the sense of our ecosystem and on the other hand for our customers. Because as a service-oriented company, it is important to us to think, plan and act in a resource- and cost-optimised way. And that already starts with proper waste separation.

In our workshop, we therefore increasingly rely on the use of recycled materials, for example, also for foiling. In our daily work, we make use of environmentally friendly and resource-saving materials as far as possible and also pay attention to economical consumption when using these materials. We clean our spray guns and tools with ultrasound and other environmentally friendly materials. We also ensure proper disposal of paints and chemicals with the support of Remondis.

In 2022, we will switch to a new Glasurit coating system: Series 100. These are coatings that, thanks to their environmental friendliness, improve the ecological footprint compared to other coatings. For more information, visit