Sustainability in our workshop


Just chuck everything away and stick a new one in? That’s not and has never been our company philosophy. Both for the sake of the environment and for the sake of our customers. As a service-focused business, it’s important to us that we think, plan and act to minimise resource use and minimise costs. That starts with carefully sorting our recycling.

That’s why our workshop is increasingly using recycled materials in areas such as vehicle wrapping. In our work, we make extensive use of environmentally friendly and resource-sparing materials, as well as ensuring that we use them as economically as possible. To clean our spray guns and tools, we use ultrasonic cleaners and other environmentally friendly materials. With the support of Remondis, we are also careful to disposal of paints and chemicals properly.

In 2022, we will be switching to Glasurit’s new 100 Line paint system. These are environmentally friendly paints with an improved ecological footprint compared to other paints. You can find more information at