The Stiller team


We don’t just talk team – we are a team. For us, work is more than just the daily trip to the workshop. This is where we can pursue our passion, encountering faithful souls and loyal companions along the way. This is where we meet up with the people who have walked with us on our path through life and who have stood by us through thick and thin.

Our passion comes from our work, and you’ll soon see that, with us, your vehicle is in the best possible hands. We’d love to get acquainted.




Dipl. Ing. | Managing Director

At the age of 8, he moved with his family from Poland to Germany. As a graduate engineer he worked at Airbus, primarily on developing the vertical stabiliser for the Airbus A380. During his time at Airbus, it became clear that Patrick is very much a craftsman at heart.

Today, he proudly continues the family tradition and in 2008 took over Joachim Paprotny’s body and paint shop in Münster-Nienberge.

July 1979 | Freelance since July 2008

German | Polish | English


The lady of the house

Born in Thailand, she makes sure her husband can concentrate on the business, and also takes care of business development and marketing. As a trained hotelier and travel agent her work has taken her all over the world, and has taught her that open, honest, transparent communication is the key to success.

She has lived in Münsterland with her husband since 2009.

March 1983 | Team member since 2009

German | Thai | English | French | Mandarin | Japanese



The lady of the house

The first time you talk to her on the phone, you quickly realise that, for her, every customer is special. She always has time for everyone. Fa is responsible for office administration and deals with all personnel-related matters. Because she knows that together we can do more.

March 1983 | Team member since 2009

German | Thai | English | French | Mandarin | Japanese



Whether it’s telephone calls, talking to customers, claims handling, bookkeeping or ordering, her to-do list is long and varied. No two days are alike, and this, alongside the family atmosphere, is why Anja is so happy in her role of keeping everything running smoothly. That and perhaps a little Fa’s incredible curries too!

Team member since 2020

German | English


Office management trainee

Toni has been supporting the management team with everything that needs doing in the office since August 2020. He loves the day-to-day variety and enjoys working as part of a team. When he’s not at work, his element is water, and he loves swimming, playing water polo and working as a volunteer fireman.

January 2005 | Team member since 2020

German | English



Dipl. Ing. | Managing Director

Even as a child, as soon as school was over he would be heading for the workshop. Anyone who knows him knows that in the workshop in a pair of overalls is where he feels most at home. He loves getting stuck in when needed, but also knows that he can always rely on his team. His work is his passion, and even his own personal family vocation.

July 1979 | Freelance since 2008

German | Polish | English


Automotive painter

His working week can be very colourful. Because for Michal everything revolves around vehicle painting. It is now 10 years that he has worked at Stiller, proud to be part of this family business. And work is more than just work – here at Stiller friendship plays just as big a part.

January 1987 | Team member since 2011

German | Polish



In addition to loving the variety of working with cars and metal, the big reason why he has been part of the Stiller family for more than 10 years is the working environment. When there’s time, Alexander loves to roll around on a different set of wheels, namely his skateboard or mountain bike.

April 1989 | Team member since 2011

German | English



Originally from Albania, whether he’s welding, assembling, dismantling or carrying out repairs Ronaldo loves his work. And no wonder, because in his free time cars (the faster the better) are also his hobby. He joined Stiller at the tender age of just 17.

August 2000 | Team member since 2017

German | English | Albanian


Automotive painter

His main focus is on preparing vehicles for painting, an area which demands precision and attention to detail. Not a problem for Damian, originally from Poland, who has been a team member for two years. He loves the variety of vehicle models and colours.

January 1988 | Team member since 2019



Automotive painter

The 58-year old has an immense amount of experience, which stands him in good stead when it comes to preparing vehicles for painting. Originally from Poland, Robert’s finesse and taste are equally evident in his kitchen, where he makes foods such as cheese and pickled herring, or when beekeeping.

February 1963 | Team member since 2017

Polish | English



Dismantling, repairing and then reassembling – nothing gives Rui, originally from Portugal, more pleasure. It doesn’t matter if it’s a contemporary vehicle, a classic or a modern classic, or even in miniature format when model making in his free time.

September 1981 | Team member since 2017

German | Portuguese


Standby and maintenance man

His talent lies everywhere, so it’s no wonder that Kujitim is to be found in every corner of the workshop. To unwind after work, the 35-year old enjoys nothing more than nature, whether on his travels, in his garden, at a nice barbecue or beekeeping.

January 1986 | Team member since 2019

German | Albanian


Trainee automotive painter

A trained automotive mechatronics technician, Orest is currently receiving further training in automotive painting, and is therefore working both here and in the body shop. The varied nature of his work helps drive him on, as do his fantastic workmates.

November 1996 | Team member since 2020

German | English | Romanian | Ukrainian | Russian | Polish


Trainee coachbuilder

The newest member of the team, working on cars has long been his passion. Turning his hobby into a career really wasn’t a difficult decision. The team and the varied nature of the work at Stiller quickly convinced the 19-year old to start an apprenticeship as a coachbuilder.

February 2002 | Team member since 2021

German | English