EuroDFT training for Volkswagen at TAK in Cologne


Thanks to a partnership between the ZKF (Zentralverband Karosserie- und Fahrzeugtechnik) and ZDK (Zentralverband des Deutschen Kfz-Gewerbes), there is now a brilliant EuroDFT (Euro5/6 Diagnostic and Flash Tool) training program. We were fortunate enough to be able to attend one of the very first EuroDFT training courses for Volkswagen at TAK (Akademie des Deutschen Kraftfahrzeuggewerbes GmbH) in Cologne. The Euro5/6 Diagnostic and Flash Tool (EuroDFT for short) is a universal tool for diagnosing and programming Euro5/6 vehicles using original manufacturer software. The two-day training course includes demonstrations and practical, hands on exercises illustrating device and software operation. Our staff absorbed a lot of information and enjoyed the opportunity to learn something new, get to know some nice fellow mechanics and great trainers, enjoy a great atmosphere and swap experiences with like-minded colleagues.