Painting work with the latest technology


Whether two-, three- or four-coat, metallic or pearl-effect paint, colored clear coat or color analyses: as an experienced and qualified specialist company, we are the experts for all types of paint. We carry out full and partial paint jobs in our in-house paint shop. In doing so, we work with the “Ratio Scan” color analysis system from Glasurit and “Genius” from Standox. With the help of these two color measuring devices, we manage to match the refinish almost completely in terms of color tone and gloss of an existing paint.

We always use high-quality components that are freshly mixed at our paint mixing bench and in the paint laboratory according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The result is optimized in the “before and after comparison” by our color analysis device as well as a special computer program.

Our paint shop uses Glasurit and Standox paint products.

You can regularly find insights into our workshop routine and exciting before-and-after pictures on our social media channels.



As an automotive paintwork specialist, we know where a little extra attention matters. We perform all our painting work with the utmost precision and care. From preparation, cleaning and masking, to mixing and pressure control (1.8 – 2.2 bar), to a final result with which both you and we are completely satisfied.